I use the word “versatile” to describe my compositional work because I do not want to restrict to one category or box.
Starting first with my interests and inspirations, the versatility moves into my practice (the way I compose or the tools I use for it) to later finish into a wide range of musical results. Currently, my creative artistic activity falls in two realms: works from which I hold the authorship and works from other artists for whom I deliver the musical content and engage in the creative process.
For the latter, I built a great expertise composing for film(link) but also for performing arts(link) such as dance and theater. As for the works that hold my authorship, I often enjoy making a piece together with other makers.
On one hand is about making concessions, on the other hand my experience shows me that the artistic horizons are always expanded after such collaborations. 

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A short description of my education 

I studied at the Centre for Advanced Studies in Contemporary Music in Buenos Aires and have taken private lessons from Santiago Santero. In 2002 I moved to The Netherlands and studied at The Hague Royal with Clarence Barlow, Gilius van Bergeijk and Diderik Wagenaar as principal teachers. I also took the one-year curse at the Sonology Institute of Den Haag, taking lessons of algorithmic composition with Paul Berg, and analogue studio techniques with Kees Tazelaar. I find it very important to always continue learning, and therefore I have taken private lessons from Ángel Faraldo, Michael Finnissy, Peter Adriaansz and Richard Barrett. Currently I am enrolled at the Master of Experimental Ópera at the National University of 3 de Febrero (Buenos Aires, Argentina). If you are interested in more detailed information, you can find it in my full CV.

My work as a composer

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